mosin nagant bolt polishing

I have always taken my brand new (ish) guns to the local automotive repair place and paid them with a six pack of beer so I could borrow their solvent tank a easier way to remove the cosmoline from the metal is to whack it in the oven, check out iraqiveteran888's channel on youtube. On an all numbers matching (49057) 91/30 the bolt jams after firing, this is when using Herter's or PPU rounds. Only the larger rear band will fit over the front sight. Sometimes all you need to do is clean the finish. This will smooth the finish and remove the inevitable dust nibs. Allow the stain to dry. Continue the previous few steps of applying poly and gently sanding until you achieve the desired finish. It's a single shot rifle so it does not have a magazine. Move up to a finer grit and repeat. Other Model 7.62x54R Mint Unissued Matching Polish Circle 11 M44 Mosin Nagant Wz.44 20 inch " barrel. Spinning the end of the bolt (shown in the picture) will make the separation easier. November 15, 2008, Jim and I designed a left-handed bolt for my Mosin Nagant 91/30. This is an excellent place for new Mosin owners to ask questions. : GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 966159870 I don't have any magic tricks to clean the barrel in 10 seconds. Don't nominate yourself for a Darwin Award. This is the method used by the Soviet army to build the infamous Mosin-Nagant sniper rifles, and this is the method used by those looking to build a historically accurate reproduction. Rinse the metal with very hot water. [more like this] *WWI Russian Mosin Nagant M91 Bolt Action Rifle by Remington 7.62x54R cal. If you can not close the bolt, then the chamber is tighter than the maximum headscape length. If scratches persist, drop back to the sandpaper then re-polish. chris baker | It requires an extra sanding step to remove the raised grain, but the result is slightly smoother than if the grain had not been raised and sanded down. If you still want to improve the operation of the bolt by sanding and polishing, just look for the places on the bolt and receiver that rub together and make sure they're smooth. Mosin Nagant action tuning. I don't think it's a "cleaning" issue. This allowed me to check the fit on the rifle. The usual problem, is that there is still cosmoline in the chamber, or (and usually a bigger problem that most people don't realize) in the recesses for the bolt lugs, in the forward receiver. are deep, then start with 400 to 800 grit sandpaper. reviews (1) ORIGINAL MOSIN RIFLE BOLTS. M63 (AKM) Expanded View; Russian; Yugoslavian. Item #: 936632446. For a Mosin, I'd recommend mixing 50% red and 50% brown dye. But sticky bolt is also caused by a dirty chamber, so if sticky bolt is encountered, be sure to clean ALL inside surfaces where the bolt head goes in to. What an amazing job and amazing price. I don't think it's possible to achieve great results at home. A quick vid on areas of the bolt that can be polished up to make the action a little smoother. It was manufactured from 1951 . We are all adults and using some common sense and care will help to ensure your safety while handling a firearm. Great 'ible! Remove the receiver tang screw (located on the top of the rifle at the rear of the receiver). This is an excellent place for new Mosin owners to ask questions. I want to have this done tomorrow and send the bolt off to get bent for a scope and I can have the stuff returned at around the same time. . Follow that with a .410 gauge swab. Finally snagged a Polish M44, some bolt concerns. Polish M44 Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle On sale: $699.95 $649.95 One of a kind Polish M44 Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle. Hold the bolt body vertically with the end of the firing pin on a sturdy surface. WoW, I have been around many weapons and can say my gunsmith nor myself have ever seen such craftsmanship on any aftermarket parts. Don't think the bolt is the issue. Separate the main bolt body from the connecting rod. I suspect the corrosive primers and lack of through cleaning left some pitting in the barrel that increased the surface area and gave the fouling lots of places to accumulate. I have a M39 with a Polish eagle marked bolt body. Thanks Jim, great job. In this post, we will take a look at how that is done. There wasn't any area on the rifle without machining marks, pitting, dings, and all sorts of other imperfections. This rifle is 03 C&R Eligible. In this first step we will be removing the bolt from the rifle as well as taking it apart to get all of the cosmoline out of the nooks and crannies. For final fitting of the bolt handle, I had to cut away some of the aftermarket plastic stock. First, apply some water to the dent and let it soak in for a while. I've seen the term "numbers matching" mentioned a few times, once in relationship to the issue presented and the fact that a numbers matching rifle might be unlikely to have headspace problems. 10 years ago For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This rifle looked like it was made in a high school metal shop class, then taken out and beaten with an ugly stick by half the Russian army. We have Mosin Nagant cleaning rods and brush accessories, Mosin Nagant no drill scope mounts, a Mosin bent bolt handle conversion kit and more for sale at Combat Hunting. Sanding the bolt cam surfaces smooth will probably not make a significant difference - unless the surfaces are very rough. With the firing pin unscrewed, you can pull out the firing pin and the back of the bolt will now also be disconnected. Don't round off the edges (unless they're really sharp). Modifications may void warranties, create an unsafe firearm, and/or may cause injury or death. This prevents optics from being mounted. WZ48 was produced between 1948 and 1960 for training Polish and Czech cadets. Theodore Magers | One of the hardest go come by Mosin Nagant variants these days is the 91/30 PU Sniper Rifle. Before I saw the rifle, I had planned to restore it to the same condition as a typical new rifle. Big improvement over the original but the bolt handle is not long enough or hefty enough to muscle the mosin bolt into submission. I would also like to say a special thanks to: Josh McAninch of Detroit Gun League . We put the gun aside and forgot about it for quite a while. Wet the surface with either of the following (I prefer to wipe on with a rag, t-shirt, etc) Gently sand the grain down with 220 or 320 grit. The process causes the wood fibers to swell up, hopefully returning to their original shape and resulting in a smooth surface. After my son saw what an excellent job you did on mine, he is now saving up to have his done.SamJax FL You want to rub down your stock with some mineral spirits to remove any cosmoline that may have accumulated on the surface of the wood. Filling the pores probably won't do much good. It's chambered in the 120-year old 7.62x54 mm R . Some people remove the recoil bolts before refinishing the stock. Other people use break cleaner, oven cleaner, steam, boiling water, heat from the sun or various other things. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step 1: The Fully Assembled Bolt When still connected to the rifle, you should engage the safety. I use 400 to 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and a Dremel with polishing compound. If temperatures get above 90 or the humidity falls under about 30% then the poly can dry so fast that it becomes difficult to apply. I can not stress this enough IT WILL IMPROVE ACCURACY! Im pretty happy with how this handle turned out! I have to force the bolt into the 90 degree position and then REALLY pull back to get the round to eject. Old t-shirts and socks also work really well. June 28, 2020 Add to Cart. by +dhic Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:54 pm, Return to Collectible Mosin Nagant Forum, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. I am not a gunsmith. I didn't remove the barrel band springs, cross bolt / recoil bolt or sling escutcheons. I have done a couple of Instructables related to it. Hopefully the dent will smooth out. It's been many years since I read that, and can no longer recall the specifics. or Best Offer. and remember mineral spirits start out as clear as water. I've tried several times and the best I can manage is a good result - but definitely not professional quality. Jim Hupp | Any dust that lands on the poly before it's dry will become embedded - and that makes it difficult to get a nice, smooth finish. My bolt has a number of machine marks that tended to catch after firing, the slight polish and lube corrected this. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area with gloves. It was designed by a man named Mosin and used a box fed magazine developed by a man named Nagant. What Are Some Of The Top Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount Options: Brass Stacker Universal Fit Scout Scope Mount. - The Homepage For Mosin Nagant Rifles And Collectors. jim does awesome work and if i ever need another bolt worked on, ill send it his way.chris, tulsa oklahoma In this step you are going to learn a very simple modification that will help to make the firearm operate more smoothly and make the bolt action smoother and with less resistance. I begin at the metal cutting bandsaw (one of my favorite tools) and cut off the bolt handle. It can be hard to tell with some rifles and is very obvious with others. Take a look! These guns are commonly available for usually no more than $150 USD. Remington Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x51R - $750. I know as I have repaired these. OH! on Step 9. Apply more water until the dent is saturated. PU Scope Base, Russian M91/30, Blued Steel *Very Good* $69.95. by steelbuttplate Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:14 pm, Post Additional body parts polishing is $5.00 on any bolt. There really isn't a big different between the two manufacturers otherr than the amount of Mosins they produced. My point is don't hung up on that being a part of your diagnosis process because the bolt head on the rifle now is most likely not the one it had on it during service. After letting it sit for 20 minutes I rinsed it off. Some people consider Mosin Nagants historical artifacts, and frown upon anything more than minimal preservation. 3 years ago They were priced at around $250 about 2~3 years ago. PRICE: MANUFACTURER: Mosin Nagant CONDITION: New MODEL: Other Model SOLD: 12/19/2022: UPC: LOCATION: Jacksonville, FL 32218 Here's how I acquired it. and its authors do not assume any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for the safety of readers attempting to use or misuse information, instructions, or procedures provided herein. I made no effort to preserve the historic condition of my Mosin. | Polish & Name Engrave Service to YOUR Mosin Nagant Bolt. . 9 years ago Stick it in the pocket where the lugs lock into and rub, see if it comes out with dark grease. $1500 posted anywhere within Australia and that's a bargain. You may contact me at If you can close the bolt just fine with the headscpae gauge, then the chamber is too worn. Mosin Nagant 1945-up M44, Chinese T 53, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish sight tool. Lay it on the dent and use a hot clothes iron to steam the wood. Polishing a Mosin Nagant bolt 33,075 views Nov 16, 2013 128 Dislike Share Save bpowersman5000 117 subscribers This is my method. 1 review Write a Review. It is primarily found chambered for its original 7.6254mmR - Robb Advertisement. on Introduction. You can try and take a Q-Tip to the chamber and see if it pulls the cotten a little bit. MAUSER or SPRINGFIELD BOLT POLISH & CLEAN SERVICE to YOUR BOLT. N91078. The "crooked front sight" guy is back with a new request for assistance a jammed bolt after firing. Opens in a new window or tab. After I saw the rifle, I knew that wasn't going to happen. Numbers matching, forced matched, rebuilt, arsenal rebuilt/refurbished, re-manufactured, whatever From your description, I sort of agree with Zeebill that you probably have a little burr in the chamber. The first step is to strip all the oil off the metal and rinse with water. If that doesn't work you can apply a new layer of shellac. These words describe Russian weather and Russian weapons. According to tnekkc, polishing the contact areas in the bolt and trigger will not significantly reduce the required trigger pull force. . You can use either heat or a solvent to remove cosmoline. Nor do I play one on TV. This method also does not require the stock to be inletted because the 90 degree turn curves around the stock, but the length needed to clear the stock also gives this bolt handle a tall profile, meaning it cannot fit under some modern, low-profile scope setups. Start with a Dremel and a "rubber polishing point" to smooth out any rough spots. However, note that a rear sight mount will not require a turned-down bolt handle (see the. It is a well known fact non chrome lined barrels give the best accuracy. By welding the new handle to the side of the bolt, this will no longer be an issue. Don't sand the final layer of poly. Don't fret, if you're ok with a reproduction then just build your own Mosin Nagant 91/30 PU Sniper Rifle. 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